Light Sculptures, 2011-2015 . Ektachromes (4x5 inch et 8x10 inch).




"With the Light Sculptures series launched in 2011, Virginie Gouband delves deeper into the subject of photography and examines with intelligence the ambiguities of opts double status as both an object and a medium.


To do so she photographed colored filters, the same used by photographers as well as cameramen and theatre light engineers to transform space using light effects to sculpt it.


She then printed her shot on positive film (so, translucent) and put them between two sheets of glass. The artist is then able to offer several levels of perception, the viewer being first confronted with a photographic object.


Of course this object is not just that, indeed it represents coloured filters which usually are only sensed through the changes they produce on our vision of things. However it is because of her use of representation that the artist has made them visible:


"By creating the representation of a colored filter on a photographic medium that is analogue to it (in transparency and texture, etc.) I attempted, explains Virginie Gouband, to open the image to a true presence that interacts with the space that contains it. In other words the photographed filter is both the picture of a filter and a filter in its own right. Thus it operates exactly as a filter when set in front of the exhibition lighting."


Camille ViƩville




Light Sculpture, 2014, Ektachrome on a 1500 t/min motor.