FLASH 01, 2009. View of some images from the slideprojection.







Flash 01




The device of Virginie Gouband, slides which are shown at an accelerated rhythm, immerse the spectator in a new experience of images, closer to a sensory experience than a visual contemplation. Flash 01 bombards us with all kinds of pictures: poetic snapshots, reproductions of images (from television, advertising...), abstract patterns... Each photograph, seen separately, presents a «punctum», a detail from the random which attracts our eyes and causes projections within us. But those visions quickly become confused with each other via the afterimage. The caught image is in a perpetual stream, constantly appearing or disappearing, viewed and remembered at the same time. Beyond a pure photographical body of work, Flash 01 is an installation of contemporary art exploring and questioning our way of viewing.



Text by Devrim Bayar (Residency Coordinator Wiels Contemporary Art Center).